May 31, 2010

Wonderful Things in Life blog review

Wonderful Things In Life

Okay, we will review Wonderful Things in Life today. This place is owned by once again, and yours truly, Mom Gen. A married woman to a wonderful guy, a freelance designer, a blogger, beader, crafter, music lover, a friend, a sister, a child of God. Mom Gen is also the owner of Mom Gen Crafts Corner, a place where she gives quality reviews of sellers’ sites from Etsy and Artfire. She sells quality plastic envelopes in all sizes, and scrapbook materials too. Oh, I love her products. Check her shops at Etsy and Artfire and make sure to take your time choosing on what to buy.

Layout: Anyone would love the cute background of this place. Though Mom Gen is sure is a busy woman, she always grabs opportunities to show us how she loves being a mom and mother to her child. Same with the banner, oh, she’s so sweet. I suppose the beautiful girl on the banner of her blog is her child. She’s lovely. And that’s the spirit. She’s proud of her child like any mother in the world.

Content: Mom Gen posts things about her personal life in here, most of them were her memorable moments in life. And that’s when she’s with her family. See “A Train Ride”. A short but meaningful post about how their family bonds together. Thanks for sharing those moments with us. She’s also sharing advices for everyone. Check out her posts about Adult Acne, Diet Pills and Acneticin. Her posts always come with a photo or two so you’ll always have something to stare at. And that “continue to read” button on her posts, it gives excitement to her readers to read what she got to say.