May 31, 2010

Home Buddies blog review

Home Buddies

Home Buddies, a blog owned by Fedhz. Supposed to be, this should be niche blog, a blog where you would write reviews of online and offline revenue gigs. But, because it was named after her, her nickname, she decided to use it as her personal blog.

Site’s Title: Home Buddies is the respective title of the blog. Fedhz and her boyfriend, Mike, website designer/programmer, coined the name together. Fedhz said, “I guess he really meant, home bodies (he’s not that good in spelling LOL).”

Layout: The layout is composed of three columns, marked with three colors, a shade of brown, orange and blue. The site’s title is written on the header with a stylish accent and a beautiful flower with a butterfly on it. My favorite part of the layout is the small butterfly on the right corner of the screen. See, if you scroll down your screen the little butterfly would stay on the same place where it was located before. And, if you click on it, you would be directed back to the top.

Contents: Most of the topics of this blog are about Fedhz’ perspective to the world, her interests, and much more topics related to her personal life. Anyway, not because most of its contents are personal do not mean you can’t relate with it. Check out her post concerning what she thinks regarding the importance of About Me section in a blog. I can totally relate with it because that section is the most significant part of a blog for me aside from the actual blog post of the author of the blog.
So, happy reading guys!