May 31, 2010

A Teacher's Online Portfolio blog review

Rache The Teacher

A Teacher’s Online Portfolio is owned by Rachelle, a public school teacher here in Saipan, CNMI. This blog is a compilation of useful resources and sites for all the subjects she teaches. She also posts some of her teaching experience, classroom decoration and activities here.

Layout: The layout looks like a diary complete with a pen that serves as a search engine. There is also a cup of coffee on small plate with a spoon on it. The idea is the whole place looks like it was placed on a table of some sort. Sidebar was also arranged and categorized neatly. A sign that she’s a real teacher because I believe that teacher’s should be neat in their working place. There’s also posts navigation on every posts so everyone would be able to read posts related to what they are currently reading. Anyway, I think you will definitely love the theme.

Content: Teacher Rachelle publishes posts in relation with what she teaches. She also tries to connect what she teaches on real life situations. Just check out her post about the moon and the planet Venus. She stated that on she taught her students the earth and solar system this fourth quarter and then she gave them an assignment regarding how the moon change phases every day. The idea of the planet Venus above the moon gave her inspiration for her work. Her students also saw how the moon and the stars were arranged that day. She also said how glad she was when her students seem so amazed at what happened after that day.