May 31, 2010

KikamzPera blog review

When I first visit the site I thought it was owned by a child because of the header banner and the color combination of the layout of the whole place. I think the address and the layout of the blog don’t complement each other. I mean, the address of the blog which is KikamzPera has the touch of maturity and the whole place looks childish to me.

Site's Layout: Anyway, if we’ll just talk about the layout, I guess everything is fine in that part. The color combinations were relaxing to the eyes and the banner is pretty amazing. Everything is in place and the floral divider is what I love the most on the layout.

Contents: I can pretty much relate of the content of the posts. It doesn’t just tackle a certain topic but it reflects what it meant to say to the readers. I can get this friendly vibes while reading it. Like the author is really talking to me in the first place.

Generalization: Thumbs up for this blog. The address of the blog is the only thing I think is out of place here. I suppose the reason for the childish touch of the blog is because the author is a parent, a mother to her child, so I guess she’s dedicating the layout of this blog to her special someone, her child. Check out her post about what she thinks about being a parent before and what she's experiencing about being a parent today.