May 31, 2010

Musings of Life blog review


The Site: Musings of Life is a blog owned by David. This place is a reflection and musings of a man who is happily married and all. Here, he will share with you, on a bumpy ride the triumphs and success as well as his struggles in life.

The Author: David. A friend, a husband, a father and a son. He is a satisfied and contented guy, married to her best friend, and was blessed with two daughters. He is currently living a simple and happy life with his wife Lulu and their daughter Andrea Lorene.

Layout: I can feel the relaxing vibe of this layout. I think it’s because of the beach background touch here. The man and the little girl on the banner, I suppose is David and her child. They look so sweet together nonetheless. At first, you’ll see a two column page here but when you scroll down a bit farther, you’ll realize that it’s really a three column layout. Cool right!

Content: So, this blog contains personal posts, about memories, thoughts, opinions and all. But, you’ll never leave without something. Check out Nostalgia #2: Hover Disc. Here, David shares his experience, reminiscing the past when they bought a Hover Disc. So, there is such thing as an innovative hover disc. I learned something new today. I bet his wife is a smarty gal. Anyway, you can also get tips and ideas here. See his post about stretch mark. Yeah! Most girls hate stretch mark. I hate it myself too. It’s depressing for us to have it. Anyway, when you read his post about that, you’ll realize girl, or guy (who can just tell it to your girl friend), that you can always use a stretch mark cream to lessen it.
Hope you’ll learn more while reading them!