May 31, 2010

RacheBlog review

Rache The Blogger

What caught my attention on this blog the first time I went here was the banner and the site’s name. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or what but I can feel the connection between the “One Day at a Time” and the girl smiling with a laptop on the table on the header’s banner. Believe me if I say that I kept gazing at the girl in the banner and my mind is telling me that she’s alive and smiling at me. I guess the banner is one of the assets of the place because it attracted me somehow and I believe the others were, too.

Site’s Layout: The dark brown background complimented the main page color. And it’s pleasing on one’s eyes. Now I know that lime, dark brown and bluegreen work best together. Anyway, the sidebar is well arranged, I can see the pyramid-like arrangement of the statistic of the blog.

Generalization: Most of the posts I read were about the author’s life and some tips for us. Check out how she enjoys her Mini Moment in her life. The contents were short but I suppose the ideas were explained clearly. The best thing about this place is you can share posts you like on a click of a hand on Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. You’ll never get lost on the topic you want to read because of the post recommendations on the bottom of each blog posts she writes.