May 31, 2010

Mom Gen Craft Corner

Personally, scrapbooking is one of my hobbies. I buy already made scrapbook materials from bookstores and other stores that sell them. Well, most of my friends told me that it is a money wasting hobby so sometimes, I use recycled materials. Buttons from my old clothes, cut-outs from magazines and other varieties of things that I can still use.

I have been to Etsy site a number of times before. Most of the shops I saw there were selling jewelries. But now, for the first time, I saw a shop that sells plastic envelopes. Perfect for my scrapbooking materials. Mom Gen’s shop here at etsy sells quality plastic envelopes in all sizes, an ideal place to store my small trinkets, buttons, pins, cut-out papers, and more. She’s also selling Hard Punch Circles available in blue, pink, green, and orange. I can see myself using them for my end-of-summer scrapbook project.

She also has another site that sells scrapbook supplies. Check out GenGenStudio. Just look at those scrapbook embellishments, whoa, I am craving to have them. That Happy Father’s Day rubber stamp, my father would be happy to receive it. After this summer, he will fly back to the other country to work. I know she can give satisfaction to her every customer.

So, who’s Mom Gen, the woman behind these? Mom Gen is the owner of Mom Gen Crafts Corner, a blog with a cute blue background and an artistic banner. She is a married woman to a wonderful guy as she says. A freelance designer, a blogger, beader, crafter, music lover, a friend, a sister, a child of God, what more could I say.

Her blog features sellers from either Etsy or Artfire. Sharon of Night Sky Jewel, Victoria of Wire Wrapped Jewelry, and Erika of Price Designs and Price Originals were just some of the lucky sellers who were already given high quality reviews here. If you want to be featured in her blog, just contact her. It’s free.

Her blog also contains details about the products she is selling online. Just look at these 24 Pieces of 4x6 Patterned Scrapbooking Paper. These kinds of papers are best to use in your scrapbook for touch of unique and colorful background. It is also ideal for your school projects. Remember, presentation of the project always counts.

You can also connect to her via Twitter as happymomian and on facebook.