May 31, 2010

My Simple Life blog review

Today, we will review My Simple Life, a blog owned by Kayth also known as Kasai. In her blog, she explained how Kasai became part of her. She said that the name was given to her last 2004 when she joined a Japanese company and since then she kept it as my alias.

Layout: The first time you’ll go here, you can’t help but notice the lively banner of this blog, a place where there are beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies. Try moving your cursor on it and you’ll see how the clouds will move to the direction of the mouse. I found it entertaining on my part.

The layout was also color-coordinated. You can see how well they complement each other. The sidebar and bottom part was also organized but I suppose, putting Blog History on the side bar would be better for an easier navigation to the reader.

Content: Most of her posts were brief and accompanied by pictures. She blogs about her life, like how she shares what she feels during her pregnancy days. She also blogs about fashion. Check out “My Finds and Eastwood City”, where she shared what clothes she bought for this summer. She blogs about everything. That’s the good thing about here. She blogs anything under the sun so her readers won’t get bored. You can also see how active she was as a voter last election when she shared to everyone the Philippine 2010 Election Guide. As you may know, Philippines just started their first automated election so we all hoped for a success.

So, over-all, I think her blog rocks. With a simple layout and creative style of writing, I bet she’ll gain a lot of followers.