May 31, 2010

Life Can;t Wait blog review

So, well review Mizhelle’s blog today. The first thing you’ll notice about this place is the banner of course. See the slogan, “Life Can’t Wait” “Life is a series of experiences, so live life as if everything is a miracle”. The slogan is very inspiring. Every day is a new day so everyone should cherish each moments passing by because they’ll never return back. So true and so moving.

Site’s Layout: Anyway, I have a soft spot for pink and flowers. So all I can say thumbs p for the layout. But I guess she should arrange contents of the bottom bar. Her “About Me” section should be placed above, in the sidebar so anyone who’ll pass her blog will easily see who the owner of this awesome blog is. I believe those buttons there should be centered and aligned in pyramid-like form. I guess it will look neat in that way.

Contents: Her posts are brief but clear as well. Most of her blog posts also contain a corresponding picture. Each post contains a post recommendation on the bottom of each. I believe post recommendation is a great way to keep your blog posts and topic alive with each passing year. Not only can it keep the readers busy reading your blog but it can get them out of boredom.

Mizhelle’s blog also contains Metallic Friday corner which is done every Friday. I believe this corner is about a short post about what she wants to tell her readers. And the Wordless Wednesday corner which is done every Wednesday. She put pictures and a short caption as her post for that day. What can I say, a picture speaks a thousand words right.