May 31, 2010

Recaptured Moments blog review

Recaptured Moments

This one is an inspiring blog that belongs to Rache of Racheblog. This place is dedicated to her family, since nowadays, not everyone in this world could be together because of certain circumstances between them. To keep in touch with her family, she made a blog solely devoted to keep them updated with the latest events in their life.

Site’s Name: The site’s name is well thought. Recaptured Moments simply stands for the moments that they shared with each other.

Site’s Layout: The layout is simple. The header banner has those flowers and butterflies which I suppose stands for each of their family members. The garden is their home. And no matter what happens, home is where their heart will always be. White and pink is also a good combination so I agreed with how she used it. Pink stands for femininity and white is for simplicity.

Generalization: I believe the site will inspire every reader to make a blog dedicated for their families as well. Blogging is not all about writing your life, it’s also about sharing your life to those around you. Again, the best thing about this place is you can share posts you like on a click of a hand on Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. These social networks are handy in case you want to share to your family what’s happening to your life. Check out how she's preparing for the 2nd birthday of their child. They also dedicated her birthday to God. God Bless you guys!