May 31, 2010

Home and Parenting blog review

Home and Parenting. These are what we would all experience when we have our very own family. This is what motivates Mye to create this site. Home and Parenting was created to share information about home and parenting for mothers and fathers lurking out in the blogosphere. Most of the articles here tackle things about home, children, parents and everything within the household.

Author: Mye is a mom who has twin daughters who finds blogging a diversion from the serious and busy life in the city as a working mom. She firmly believes that parenting is not just a matter of rearing up the children but a continuous process of learning and growing up.

Layout: The layout of Home and Parenting has a touch of the vintage color, the color of the parchments that was used years ago by our ancestors. It is also the color of old books that we stock up in our shelves. I believe this means that you will truly realize being a parent when you get older. As time goes by, as time flies while you were looking at how your children grow, you will realize how hard it is. I also love the artistic style of making the navigation, a book and pages made to look like a heart. I guess it because that being a parent means loving.. And you can’t be a good parent if you don’t have love in your heart.

Contents: This site features post of moments she have along with her family. Check her post about the Reciprocal of being a Mother. She shares how they celebrated Mother’s Day and how she was surprised by her husband and her twins. How sweet!