May 31, 2010

Blog Appetite blog review

A scrapbook inspired blog, Blog Appetite is owned by Mye. This place became her getaway from the serious and busy life as a working mom on the city, apart from being a part-time digiscrapper and an event coordinator. Here is where she posts her daily adventures with almost anything. Mye is already married for 4 years now and they already have twin daughters who have been her inspiration in attaining all her goals in life. “They are the best thing that ever happened to me,” she says.

Site’s Layout: Bog Appetite is a scrapbook inspired blog that contains 3 columns. I say it is what it is because Mye is a self-confess digital scrapbook maker. Personally, I love scrapbooking. Yes, it may be costly but when you are done with your scrapbook project, you will realize sooner that it is worth it at all. I guess the theme gave justice to what being a scrapbook maker is all about. Anyway, the layout was made by Gisele Jaquenod, nice layout you got here. The site recommendation plug-in (I guess) is a good gadget that every blogs should have. It will help to keep your blog topic alive.

Contents: This is a personal blog so most of the posts here are personal things, something related with Ms.Mye of course like something about her beautiful twin kids. See My Little Posers. You will have a chance then to see how cute her kids are, and how they are growing to become little lady princesses. She also posts her digiscrap creations here. Check out her latest creations of album for her friend. Mmm, how sweet. Maybe I should try digiscrapping too.