May 31, 2010

My Mom's Best

My Mom’s best is a site created Sherry for the love for her mom. Wow, sweet isn’t it.

Layout: The layout is quite simple. The idea is it is pure white and plain. There is a foggy image that serves as a background and the whole area is transparent and the theme has only two columns.

Content: The blog does not only contain things about her mom, she also posts things related to herself. I think it also serves as her personal blog in a way. See her post regarding what she thinks about smoking, ear piercing or getting a tattoo. We’ll anyway, I think I don’t want to get in that hobby. Okay, I have my ear pierced since birth and it is because my mom wants me to be pierced while I am still a baby. She said my ears were still soft during those time.

Suggestion: Hmm, actually, I think, if this blog is dedicated to her mom, she should only post things about her moms and what she think about motherhood and topics related to that. I also believe that she should change her layout. We’ll, it is not because I think the place looks really simple but because I think that because she have her domain name, she should also think about getting a blog makeover for her place. A good name plus a good layout. Instant make-over. Anyway, if she doesn’t want to change her layout, I think her sidebar deserves to be organized a bit.