May 31, 2010

Ling Life to the Fullest blog review

Living Life to the Fullest. That’s what Levy believes everyone must do so, to inspire everyone, she made a blog entitled, Living Life to the Fullest.

Author: Levy is a Filipina, a mom of a 2-year old boy, a wife of a geeky husband, and a woman who gave up her career for her family and is now a housewife and taking care of them.

Layout: The place has a green background and cream for the main page. It is composed of three columns and a banner. The buttons on the sidebars are organized and categorized that gives a neat impression to readers like us. I also love hoe her page stats buttons were arranged. It looks cool and unique at the same time. Her signature on the bottom of every post looks very much artistic to me. The way the flowers and the leaves were made is very much creative.

Contents: The contents were solely made to let us realize that we should live our life to the fullest. Check this inspiring story of a Baby Jonathan who was deaf from birth, but received a cochlear implant at 8 months. The way his expression changes when the device is turned on and he hears his mother’s voice for the first time is pretty amazing. His father videotaped the moment. And I know from that moment, I greatly want to thank Levy for sharing this.

Suggestions: I suggest using another background for the page. I think the color does not complement cream.

Live our life to the fullest everyone!