May 31, 2010

Random Blog Contest blog review

Random Blog Contest is an online contest blog/directory owned and maintained by Jenn. The idea of this blog is simple. This blog is place where you can find a list of contests to join online.

Layout: The layout is simple. I say it is neat and organized. There are 100 X 100 ad place here so if you want to advertise something, just ask them, contact them via their e-mail. The sidebar has also been arranged and categorized and I think it is just ideal for this kind of blog to have this kind of template.

Contents: Random Blog Contest contains a list of contests that anyone can join online. So, I guess, sometimes there may be a limitation. Example is, this contest is international while this one is only available to a certain country like UK. Also check out Obstacles and Glories Blog Anniversary Giveaway, the contest deadline is up to June 14 so anyone can still join. Just make sure to follow the instruction indicated to join it.

Suggestions: I guess it would be better if the contests are categorized whether it is international or just available on a certain country across the globe. Most readers would look for contests open international while others would want to be strict and choose to join local contests only.

RBC publishes fresh contents everyday so it would be better for those who are contests addicts to subscribe here via e-mail to receive daily updates. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for the site, just email them at .