May 31, 2010

The Pinay Blogger blog review

The Pinay Blogger is owned by Jade, a Filipina-Dutch. She made this blog solely to share tips on improvement, personal development and family.

Author: Jade is a lady who was born in Manila. She was married to a Dutch man for about six years already and she’s a Dutch at nationality but I daresay she’s still a Pinay at heart. She started blogging on the first month of 2008 and have liked it ever since then.

Layout: The layout looks unique to me. I love the way the theme was made. The main color of the blog is cream and I am so much surprise that it looks good with that. I also adore the idea of putting those social feeds above the book shelf. It is like they are part of the banner at all.

Contents: The place contains topics mostly about tips and things about her life. Check out “Family’s Health”. Here she talks about how being sick means the need to earn more money. And then she suggested finding a good health insurance is a good idea for me, because everyone should prepare for the future and not always deal with the past. Health is a serious topic and everyone should be knowledgeable and smart enough to live a happy and healthy life.

Suggestions: Hmmm, I don’t really have much suggestion to deal with. I just think that her “Meet the Pinay Blogger” section should be put somewhere on top of the sidebar. It would be easier for readers like me to get to know well the author of a certain blog that we like.