May 31, 2010

Diva Fabulosa blog review

Diva Fabulosa. The title itself says, it is about fashion and being fabulous. Diva Fabulosa is a place dedicated for love, fashion and celebrities. It is what girls want right! So, it is what they give.

Layout: The layout of the blog is simple. Brown, pink and white. Just with the banner, you will realize what place have you gone into. A fabulous girl holding shopping bags. Hey girl, fashion should be your passion. Anyway, the sidebar is organized in a manner that they are categorized so that they may look neat and clean. Good job!

Contents: This blog contains topics about celebrities around the globe. It also contains the latest fashion trend and things the most girls would want to talk about. Check Skinny on Lindsay post. Most girls would love to read it, I bet. Most of the posts here contain a photo to help us visualize what the topic is all about.

Something I want to Say: First of all, when I hear the word fashion, pink is the first color that comes out from my mind. Pink is fashion statement for most girls, so, I think I’m a bit disappointed when the blog has a dark color as its background. I believe lighter color is the best. It looks livelier in that way. I also want to suggest to remove the little not so noticeable until you scroll down at the bottom of the page emoticon, I think, that looks like this, “ "> ”. Well, don’t ask me why I suggested it. I know that you already know what I meant by that.