May 31, 2010

My Red Hot Review blog review

I believe My Red Hot Review is a sub blog of Red is Marose.

Just as what the title says, the blog is about high quality reviews, but the blog is ain’t for blog reviews only. Marose, the owner of the blog, a wife and mother, a Filipina at heart, sometimes posts thing related to her. Check out her first Red Hot Tag. She was tagged here by Mary of South Loves North. Of course, the tag itself contains questions that deal with personal life and interests.

Layout: I can feel the heat of this place. My Red Hot Review’s place has a red blazing bonfire on it. Red is the main color of course, and graphics has a soft texture. The navigations look like wooden signs, something you will see when you trail on the mountains. You should never miss the burning wooden post feed button on the top right corner it. I just thought that the thing is cool and unique. Personally, I love rounded edges because they look professional and artistic. So I guess thumbs up for the whole layout, neat and clean, neh!

Just some things I want to say. I suppose it would be better if Marose would remove the uhm, automatic border of each pictures. I mean, like on her signature, the redamethyst on the bottom of each posts, it was not made transparent without a reason right. And besides, most pictures would look much better without border. Well, it still depends on her.

Anyway, I like this blog better than your other blog. I think it’s much organized, and it looks clean.