May 31, 2010

Show Me the Money blog review

Is this the right page? Did the link redirect me to another page? I didn’t convince myself that this already the site I have been looking for. It was just a matter of time when I told myself that this is the right page.
Show Me the Money is a blog owned by Lankapo from Malaysia which is soledy made for Money Making tips and ideas, the title says it already. The whole blog is based on Facebook layout. I was really amazed at how the whole page was made. Even the navigation bar, they look exactly the same. And also the comment area. I love how Lanka made this site.

There are also posts recommendations on the bottom of every blog posts. I believe these post recommendation thingy is the best way to keep a thread alive. Keep these plug-in up!

For those who want to make money online, visiting this site is a must for everyone. Not only it will help us to understand how money moves in these PTC and PTP sites, we can also get the latest news about them fresh from the experts.

This site helped me to realize that there’s much more thing about blogging, that it is not only about yourself and but you can also share them to everyone. I also read in her post that there is such thing as Blogspot Site Map in Web Master Tools. I don’t know that something like that exists. So Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and to increase coverage on your WebPages. Thanks Lanka for the info.