May 31, 2010

Red is Marose blog review

Red is Marose, a nice name for a blog. I’ve been called Marose by some of my classmates too but it never occurred to me to use this name for a blog. Kudos for you Sis!

Site’s Layout: Layout is the first thing you’ll notice about a blog. The same here. You’ll notice the eye catching red background color of this place. I know red is an excellent color but I believe it does not compliment the white and pink color of the blog, and the header as well. Anyway, I think the header is pretty nice. “Simple Pero Rock”. Simple but it Rocks. I suppose the header banner would stand out if you will put a darker background. The sidebar was well organized, too. A sign of simplicity of a person.

She posts things about gadgets, her life, her passion and all sorts of topics under the sun. You’ll never get bored. I learned things like this Online Backup for files in your computer. It is the method of storing your documents or files or even the entire content of your hard drive in a remote server. Oh, there’s such thing as that. I never know till I read it there. And that outdoor fireplace thingy. We’ll, it’s not a good idea to put a fireplace is tropical country like us but she gave me an idea. I would like to be an architect someday so, I guess that outdoor fireplace may be my gateway to achieve my dreams.