May 31, 2010

Chuchie's Hideaway blog review


Site’s Name: Chuchie’s Hideaway. A place where Chuchie Wilks can express and share her thoughts, feelings, opinions, helpful information, everyday highlight of her life and everything under the sun. A perfect name for a girl who loves to voice out things in her own way.

Site’s Layout: Pink. That’s how I describe it. My favorite color. Pink. I love how the layout was made. Pink bricks for the background and pink pencil that serves as navigation. I say it is unique because it is the first time saw something like this. I also like the header of the page. You can see a girl. Yes a girl. Or lady is a perfect term for it. A lady who is brave enough to voice out her thoughts, ideas and express herself to the whole wide world. And yes, it’s that lady who made this gorgeous layout of this blog with an inspiration from Charmskin of course.

Contents: As said earlier, her posts contain things mostly about her opinion to the world. Well, I love her Sunday Stealing section. It is done every Sunday. It’s dedicated for those who want to become a thief for a while and have fun for a while. And read this post about her cute fashionista puppy, Chizka. Her hubby wrapped a towel on the head of the puppy for a show. I found it entertaining. I guess her posts have a sense of entertainment, a worthy post to read. I guess that’s how she was able to gain a ton of followers, because of her interesting topics.

Happy reading!