June 12, 2010

Walk with Me

Walk with Me. I’m not asking you, I just want you to check out Walk with Me. This place is a personal blog which accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation like some of the blogs I have reviewed. Entries were categorized so I guess you’ll never get lose with the topic you want to read. Also, notice those posts recommendations, some of the blog have these widgets and I love these. These will let your topics alive, or in other words, visitors will get to see old topics since they are accessible now and easy to be seen.

Of course, a blog would not be complete without those widgets used to connect with others. Here we have Google Connect, a user-friendly gadget to keep readers updated with entries from this place. It also has this Cbox tagboard. Anyone can just drop any message and you’ll be sure that your tags would be replied soon. There are also site statistics widgets. I guess we all know this thing, it is used to track the blog’s performance, whether the place has gathered a lot of readers or people have visiting this place. It will also help the author to improve herself, knowing that people love your blog, any blog owner would have her spirit lifted out of joy.

Anyway, I would just like to tell everyone that I like the header. The slippers, I guess, symbolize what the blog is all about, and what the titles tells us. A place where you can just go with the flow of life.