June 12, 2010

Rache Photography

Rache Photography is another one of the few blogs Rache have. Remember Rache Family, Rache Blog and Teacher Rache. Rache owns all of them. It’s so amazing how someone can be so active in blogging that she made a few more blogs to dedicate into something, like this one. This blog is all about, you know what, one of my favorite things in the world, photography.

Site’s Layout: At first, of course, you’ll see that the whole place is color yellow. I don’t hate this color, it’s just sometimes, there are those shades of yellow which can look brighter to one’s eye, and I think its color does not belong to the one I mentioned. But anyway, I like her banner. I think it’s a smiley picture holding a camera, right!

Site’s Content: Basically, the place contains things about photography. Rache posts pictures, manipulated photos, and things that happened to her in relation with photography at least and all of her post contains at least one image. Her entries are also categorize under Project 365, My World, Watery Wednesday, Outdoor Wednesday, Scenic Sunday and other more which I find user friendly to those who wants to view pictures in a certain category. Actually, the pictures she was posting were giving me inspiration to make something like those.
Suggestions: I believe she could have done something better in her sidebar. I think it is a bit at mess. “Recent Comments”, “Labels” and “Blog Archive” should be put on the sidebar and not on the bottom part for easier navigation.