June 12, 2010

Tech-Revive Review

Hello Peeps! We will review the three columned blog named Tech-Revive, another blog owned by Rache. So, we now know that every blog of Rache is dedicated to something. So, as the title says, this blog is devoted to gadgets, and technologies. And the site’s slogan is, “Reviving technologies in our lives…” and that’s what this blog is here for, created under this year, 2010, on the month of March.

The site’s main color is red. Just looking at the background makes me think about computers. The background reminds me of those datas I have seen in animes and movies, something related to those data being uploaded and such. Also, the side bar is complete with widgets for connecting with other bloggers here in the cyberworld such as Networked Blogs and Goggle Connect. One can also chat with her using Shoutmix, located somewhere in her sidebar. I guess Rache is being strict also in maintaining her blog because she has these statistic widgets to track out her blog’s performance. What could you expect to someone who owns a number of blogs?!

Anyway, as I mentioned, this blog which is devoted to technologies contains review about gadgets such as Camcorder, tips for maintaining your computer or laptop, site’s tools, and tools and softwares for computer like Photoshop. I may not be a techy gal but while reading her entries, I just felt like gadgets like them are cool. This site is highly recommended for all those who want to know trends and things about technologies and gadgets out there.