June 12, 2010

Pointers in Life Review

Want to know tips, tricks and things about business, finance and travel? Then, just hop in, in Pointers in Life. This blog is Rache’s place where she shares things which is all about Business, Finance and Travel.
So I guess most of us who have been in here in the cyberworld who knows Rache have known that she’s a pretty active girl in this world. Despite of being a wife and a mother, and of course, she also have her job in the real world, she always keep us updated. She have known to own six maintained and active site which we have all reviewed already. So anyway, let’s see what we have here in her place.
The site has three columns, as most of her blogs are. Basically, the layout features a desk—like figure, complete with coffee, pencils, an eraser, and scratches of paper, and take note that the main page for the contents of her blog looks like a pile of papers use in office works. Anyway, like most of her blogs, this place has these widgets used to connect people and bloggers with her place. This has also these site statistics widgets which will of course track her blog’s performance.
Notice that her posts also have these social buttons for facebook and twitter to share her entries to the world, if you like to. Her entries were also categorized making it easier for readers to be in the topic they want to read, may it be about Business and Finance or other things related with that.