June 12, 2010

My Health Problem

Rache The Blogger

This is a post review from RacheBlog, My Health Problem. Rache just had this horrible experience for a teacher: one of her students was hospitalized and died. My mom was also a teacher. And actually, she did experience the same thing. But we are not talking about one life, we are talking here about three lives. This tragedy happened when she went to leave for a day and asked one of the teachers to take care of her students. And then, here goes the story. Her three pupils decided not to attend class because it was not their teacher who will teach them and went off to a near river. They played basketball and it was just a chance that the ball fell into the water. And you know the rest of the story. They all died. No one survived. Anyway, my mother thinks she walk the guilty of that crime but we helped her realize that it was not her fault at all. So I guess, relax, and chill out for a while.