June 12, 2010

iBlogaholic Review

So now, let’s review iBlogaholic.info. I have been visiting this site for weeks, hoping that one of these days, I’ll see this place again. Anyway, up until now, up until now, it is still down. The site was once owned by Sherry. The domain expired on the 24th of May this year.

Anyway, I learned that she won the domain from a contest she has taken part of last year. She was given eight month usage on domain and hosting. Aside from the domain that was given to her, the rest, like installation of the wordpress was done all by her. Also, the one who gave her the domain never transfer it to her so that means she does not fully owned the domain under Pinkhost hosting. We’ll it was not the first time she lost a domain. Her other blog called PinkyPosh which she also won from a contest was used by her for only a month and since then, she cannot access the site anymore. Then later on, her PinkyPosh blog turned out to be a jewelry blog and now the blogger who gave her the domain is missing.

Anyway, since I’m new here in blogging, and it’s the first time I learned all about these activities, I suggest you look first when would the domain which will be given to you will expire. I know there’s something called WHOIS lookup where you can look for the information you need for a certain domain. I bet that something like that was done by other people so they could snatch a domain name they want.