June 12, 2010

Story of a Woman

Story of A Woman is a blog owned by Mylene. Most of the contents of her place focus about her everyday’s life. So, I guess, the title of her blog tells what her blog is all about.

The layout of the blog is a simple one, net and clean. It has nice banner that stands out because of the solid background of the page. Most of the blogs I have seen contains ads and things like that but her blog does not contain anything similar to that. Her sidebar mostly contains widgets with relation to her archives or past posts, like her recent posts, tag clouds, categories and main archive area, which I believe, she did in order to lead her readers to her past entries. The best thing about her sidebar, in my opinion, is the revolving tag clouds. I find it entertaining on my part to play with it.

Her blog which is dedicated to her life contains entries mostly about her family, her husband and her child, Sciezka. Actually, her entry about them makes me feel her love for her family especially when she posted an entry about her daughter’s 3rd birthday wish. Some mothers would not grant their child’s wish but Mylene is one of those loving mother who would make sure to give what her daughter wants whatever happens. While reading “My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday”, I was felt so happy for her because I know that a daughter’s happiness is a mother’s happiness too. I hope they would have a great time together forever.