February 03, 2011

My Way to Being a Fitter Me

Kong Hei Fat Choi!

Most of the girls are conscious in how they look. And most of all, they are conscious if they look fat or not. Well, some people think they are being maarte. But do girls have to be called like that when they are just really being a girl?

Girls are like that because they want to leave a good impression to people. They are just technically caring for themselves. So girls, don’t be afraid to show what you are. You’re just being a girl.

So ladies, what do we have here? I’m sharing my weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year. So, this year, I’m planning to, as much a possible walk a lot. I started walking from our school to our house last year and I’m planning to keep doing it. Is can also help you save money, and that’s a good deal. My mom and I also plan to jog everyday when vacation starts. It can also serves as our bonding time which we rarely have nowadays. And, aside from that, we’re also planning to enroll in a yoga class or something like that.

Actually, my mom and I agreed to lose weight on summer. And we’re keeping that promise. You, start your plan on achieving you fitter you now.