October 31, 2010

Something Spectacular

It's been a long day. Atlast the Astro Camp is finished. I admit its not really exciting. Yeah, I get to see the star but that's it. I thought it would be something unique and spectacular. The thing I really enjoyed here nonetheless in the star gazing in the dome.

Anyway, speaking of spectacular and exciting, here's a contest for BlankPixel's 30th Birthday and Just Another Pixel's second anniversary. It's called Thirty on 30 with the theme, Changes in my life. And know what? You have the chance to win $300. There's a lot of changes for winning.

Excited now right. Just check out the contest banner and her sponsors to know more about the contest. Something spectacular is really coming.

blankPixels' Thirty on 30 Blog Contest to celebrate her 30th birthday and Just Another Pixel's second anniversary!

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